Common Man: The Unspoken India in Indian Democracy

My Opinion

I have an Opinion

One of the popular definitions of the democracy is that it is a governance of the people, for the people and by the people. By accepting these principles, India embraced democracy 62 years back. After so many years of the practice, has it got success is matter of large debate. But the very basic agenda which was to make the life of common subject more livable and easy is still not fully achieved.

Our democracy has a structure in which common man comes at the bottom of the pyramid, whatever may be the houses. Above which comes MPs, MLAs, Sarpanchs or other respective Representatives. At the top comes the House which may be Parliament, Legislative assembly or other houses depending upon the power of the house. The only institution where representative can be directly and without much difficulty accessed is Panchyat.

People are in the lower most stage of the process. The ground reality is that the people hardly get to interact with their representatives. The representatives are so awfully busy (mostly in their personal work) that they hardly get the necessary time for the interaction. Picture becomes opposite when the election comes. Luckily this is not the case with the Panchayats. Very recently, The Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejeriwal along with Anna Hazare raised the voice against the sorry state of affairs evolved out of the grass root corruption in the country. They demonstrated with Hunger strike, blasphemed slogans and what not. To the misery of the government, people participated in huge numbers. It is very unlikely that all of them related to the same subject although we have been victim of corruption somewhere in our lifetime at least once. There was more to it than just corruption. It was mostly because of not getting the platform to put up their opinion, their direct representation that they exploded on to the opportunity. They expressed their boiling blood and frustration against the government. Same was the case with the ‘Nirbhaya Rape Scandal’.

Many fellows may disagree here. It may be asserted that Print media and TV media is successful in putting up the public opinion. The media is absolutely successful in exposing issues, say Scams, but they do not represent the public opinion, do they?  Many times people want an altogether different approach than what media suggests. But the newspapers and TV channels conduct the polls which are very effective tools. It indicates national mood. But it has very limited nature. People need a WALL, a platform to write on directly.

There is a government run body which conducts surveys in the country. This data is very valuable in designing the policies for the people. What they actually do is to note down the results of an experiment conducted by the government somewhere in the past. Here we can have an institution similar to Election Commission of India or the surveying body which will register the real-time responses of the people on various issues. It will generate the nation’s real-time feedback to a particular experiment, issue or a scheme.

Imagine a situation where a dedicated grass root 10×15 sq ft office has work of only noting the responses at every major square and the response linked to the Aadhar Card of people. Out of 130 Crore junta even if we get 60% reports their responses, the data obtained will be as valuable as gold. For example, the NREGA can be more successful if the real-time public opinion is taken into consideration. If the idea is worked upon, it may bring wonders to this great democracy. What you say?


The Inner-Circle Redemption

Aloha friends….

Few days back I participated in a contest for blog writing in the company. Following is the blog which I wrote and won 2nd prize (although I deserved 1st)….

Stood 2nd

It’s big appreciation for an early bird….

Bypassing unlimited restrictions and eventually getting the things which you love has always been fun and frolic. No, don’t misunderstand me. I am not talking about ‘A Boy-Girl Thing’. Any guesses….

Yes, it is about the internet facility provided in the company. Almost everyone who has got a system (allotted or not) strives to use it. But here comes the first fortification. Our brilliant IT has put up hurdles so intelligently that no unauthorized access is permitted under ideal conditions.

With a user id and password the first step is cleared. Now comes the second one. How to have the liberty to access the content which is unauthorised? As I already pointed, the conditions considered are ideal. And these are so ideal that it does not take into account the military of ‘Inglorious Bastards’. It’s only a matter of few calls to the self-proclaimed hackers at the Alma Mater.

So at the end of the day, bastards are geared up with unlimited tips and tricks to pass through the loopholes. That’s why ‘proxymice’ became an instant hit. All credits to the genius brains from Allahabad.

But at some time the link gets down from the source itself. What would you do in that situation? You are left with your phone only which at some point of time gets so boring that the gadget becomes a grenade ready to be thrown out of the window and you become a grenadier.

In this position, the inner circle is benefited the most. The process of ‘The Inner Circle Redemption’     gets going. It is only redemption because we actually seldom log into it whenever there is function or so. We are tempted to do so. It is as if a well roasted chicken is inviting to come and finish it up.

Many a times it happens that we don’t get the pleasure of birdwatching which we are entitled to. This is brought to you officially by our version of FB, The Inner Circle. It has got some glitches also but we’ll talk about it later. For the moment….


My Wishes……….Bucket List as you may call it

My wishes in life….
some of them are still waiting for me…

1. I want to play Video Games ( not the computer games) e.g PS II or X-Box.

Ever since I found friends playing for hours I wanted to have my hand on that. I was not that insane for it but just wanted it. I wasn’t provided with that money so as to play for hours because playing was considered as bad as sin. It was this deprival which increased my appetite for gaming. Papa and mummy’s salary clubbed together was enormous. At that time the cost were around 500 Bucks or so. It could have taken a drop from that ocean for video game.

2. Sky Diving.

I have fear of heights. A classic example is giant wheel. It is this fear which makes me feel week in knees. So why not to take on those fears straightway. There’s the genesis of this wish.

3. Swimming

I have fear of Water. I can still remember first time it happened: I had been on a school trip to Totladoh. It’s a dam near Nagpur. I saw this whole ocean of water and I was about to faint. I don’t want to have that feeling again.

4. Play Basketball.

Basketball may look boring from outside of the court. But when you enter the court and start sweating, fun grows exponentially. It’s all about pace and delicacy. I love it very much.

5. Drumming

I am little bit idiotic some times. Actually many times. I have gone with the crowd against the wish. I do listen to rock music. It has guitar and drums. Now whole world is fan of guitar because of glamour around it. Moreover, girls like guitar playing boys. This has also strategically added guitarists to the earth. Now coming back to being idiotic; I have a real love for drumming. Ekdum asli wala. On the contrary I do like playing guitar but not as deeply as drumming. So I will pursue henceforth.

6. Play Hockey

The Hockey’s our national sport. And I really loved it very much. Love got even deeper with the release of ‘Chak De India’.

7. Own a DSLR Camera

I feel I have natural instinct of a photographer. I keenly observe photography and direction while watching a movie. I will shortly buy a point and shoot camera. Then thereafter when I feel that got well versed with photography, next step will be DSLR.

8. Roam India & Europe

This is giving me sweet dreams in nights. Ever since I read ‘Simply Fly’ by Captain Gopinath, I can’t wait to go on a trip to roam country. Our country is very beautiful. It has colour of every type. Every emotion, every season, every state has its peculiar colour. I want to explore them all. I want to feel their warmth. I want to get bathed in its essence. After my trip of ‘The Bharat’ next step will be Europe.

9. Own a RX 100, Yamaha

It is no special bike or a super bike. Only thing pulls me towards it is its mammoth sound which it makes while driving. Moreover its pick is also superb.

Dance Of Monsoon…

The first drops of rain me caught with care

The provoking freshness in the air

The mesmerising breeze passing through the hair

The intoxicating scent of soil in atmosphere


Plant reincarnate with the call

Birds celebrate beyond the limit wall

Rivers hitting hard at the waterfall

And people enjoy the festival with heartiness yet stall


It feels great to witness

The monsoon and its core essence

I will always be indebted

To you, Mother Nature for the season so beautifully crafted.


Here is the current picture of the so called and heavily hyped Indian secular society. I brings immense embarrassment and pain to write but the truth be told. I was glad that being born in a broad and open minded India. Well in my part of India, Nagpur in the state of Maharashtra the picture is greener. There are some grudges amongst the society , although, but quantitatively it is minimal. But when scenario is pan Indian, picture is quite dark. The ‘Old Horses’ are not ready to accept the new ideas.

India is acclaimed to be a nation of youth. It is disguised argument. It is a nation which numerically has higher percentage of youth than the old horses. Naturally majority wins and hence it is obvious to think that youth leads everywhere. The reality is harsh. In day to day life it is being tortured irrespective of the reasons. Let us live freely where we have the liberty to take our decisions. But at the same time we are open to advices by elders but not to the extent of interventions.

One of my friends from the state of Uttar Pradesh in the company is Sonu. He has his school friend as better half. The marriage is scheduled somewhere at the end of this year. He belongs to the Chitpaavan Brahmin of the society (which he didn’t know until now). The problem started with the marriage proposal. The girl belongs to the lower side of the social stratum, a Kayasth. Kayasths come may be at 2nd or 3rd level of a four level caste structure of  Hindu society. She is truly a beautiful girl and he is very lucky to have her in his life.

Bride’s parents agreed to her wishes, being open minded. The groom’s parents are somewhat open minded too. They eventually agreed to his cute demand, him being youngest of all. The problem haunted when the old horses-his relatives started showing resistance to his family. How awful! They are being terrorised of a community boycott. Now his parents ask what they should do. Fulfil his wishes or the face boycott.

I ask for pity and mercy to those old horses. Let us live freely with our own values and rules. KHUDA KE LIYE let us live our lives.

लो पीछे छोड़ आया में

लो पीछे छोड़ आया में, 

उन  समस्याओ  को

लो पीछे छोड़ आया में,

उन  परेशानियों  को 

लो पीछे छोड़ आया में,

उन  अपेक्षाओ को 

लो पीछे छोड़ आया में,

भूतकाल एवं भविष्य की चिन्ताओ को 


कुछ दिन जीना है मुझे,

कुछ  दिन  खुशीसे जाम पीना है मुझे 

ना रोकना यारो मेरी तम्मनाओ को, 

बड़ी मुश्किल से परो को खोला है इन्होंने


तुम्हारे साथ बीताए इन चंद लम्हों को, 

समेट कर  ले  जाऊंगा 

तुम्हारे साथ बिताई रातो को, 

अंधेरो में दियों की भाति जलाऊंगा

खुदा ना करे कर चमक कम हो गई तुम्हारी, 

तब जुगनुओ  की तरह दीपक बन जाऊंगा 

I Too Had A Love Story…

“Parag, read ‘I too had a love story’. I’ll touch your heart” said Sanjay. And being a fond reader that was enough to ignite me. That was it. I caught the bookstore, Crosswords Kandiwali, as soon as possible and bought it. It is a very peculiar thing with the readers that they will buy a book of ten bucks even if it requires you to shell out 100 getting it.

Believe me it really touched my heart coz after the love story by Erich Segal this was the only one which invoked tears i.e. emotions within me. I felt like can I do something to help these guys?

Ravin(der) and Khushi were in love. Thanks to which made them connect. They were made for each other kind of couple and best part was that their families also agreed to the thing. Thus, engagement was just near the horizon. But, as always, there is a turning point in the story without which the novel could not make as novel.

This is the worst part in the story. Your heart gets full of mercy, even if, had you been an emotionless murderer, for that matter Hitler.  Khushi leaves Ravin without thinking of a coming again in his life just before the engagement. Also she was not going to come back either to him or her family. No, not because she don’t want to come back but because she’s no more here in this very world to come back.  She has died.

This story is very romantic of its kind. Indeed, it lacks pace. But that can be pardoned looking at the seriousness of the story. If you are in love or gonna be in love or just wanna be in love, this is the book which you should read.

Price is 100/- and available anywhere across India.

Here is the link for Ravin’s website. Go through the reviews.